Bug: svn: "XXXX" is not under version control Message

Dec 28, 2008 at 12:02 AM

We are experiencing a host of problems with SVN with our project. You can re-create a problem with the following two SVN commands:

svn co https://mosa.svn.codeplex.com/svn mosa -r45197
svn update https://mosa.svn.codeplex.com/svn mosa -r45294

The last command fails with a message about the file not being under version control:

X:\Temp\test>svn update https://mosa.svn.codeplex.com/svn mosa -r45294
Skipped 'https://mosa.svn.codeplex.com/svn'
U    mosa\trunk\Setup\VMware\MOSA.vmx
U    mosa\trunk\Setup\VMware\mosaboot-vhd.config
U    mosa\trunk\Setup\VirtualPC\mosaboot-vhd.config
U    mosa\trunk\Setup\VirtualBox\mosaboot-vdi.config
U    mosa\trunk\Setup\Qemu\mosaboot-img.config
A    mosa\trunk\Setup\Kernel
A    mosa\trunk\Setup\Kernel\hello.exe
D    mosa\trunk\Setup\hello.exe
A    mosa\trunk\Setup\CompileHelloWorld.bat
U    mosa\trunk\Setup\CreateVirtualDisks.bat
D    mosa\trunk\Setup\Bin
svn: 'mosa\trunk\Setup\Mosa.EmulatedKernel.dll' is not under version control


Dec 28, 2008 at 10:16 AM
Thanks for reporting this bug, it has been fixed now.  Let us know if you run into any other bugs.