TFS 2012 , SVN Bridge, IIS 7.5 (working)

Oct 24, 2012 at 2:50 PM

This is ow I got it to work and it works well.  I believe I captured all of the steps and I'll edit it if not.  There might be a better way, I hope others contribute to this thread

Source Code:

build source as of today.  I'll try and post my binaries here or somewhere else.

IIS Application Pool

Create a custom AppPool, I called mine SvnBridge

Set the AppPool Setting like so:  .

Net Framework Version = v4.0 

Manged Pipline Mode = Integrated 

Enabled 32-Bit Applications = False 

Worker Processes = 2 

Identity = Network Service


I setup the Bridge under the Default WebSite.   

Set SVNBridge as an application, not a virtual directory 

Set the Application Pool to the custom one created above 

Set the Physical Path Credentials to a TFS Trusted Windows Account for TFS.  When you set the physical path, there is a test button that will tell you its good 

Goto Authentication button  Set the following: 

Anonymous Authentication - Disabled 

ASP.NET Impersonation - Disabled 

Basic Authentication - Enabled 

Digest Authentication - Disabled 

Forms Authentication - Disabled 

Windows Authenticaiton - Disabled   

now Click on Basic Authentication and click Edit  Set the Default Domain to your NT Domain name  Ensure that Realm is blank   


Set LogPath to a trusted Path 

Set the DomainIncludesProjectName to False 

Set the TFS URL to the new TFS Collection Name  something like: 

Set the System.web to this, you can change debug to false after you confirm it works:   <system.web>   

  <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="99999999" executionTimeout="99999999" />         <customErrors mode="Off" />   

<compilation debug="true" />   

<authentication mode="None" />       

<identity impersonate="false" />   


Set the to this:   


<defaultProxy enabled="true" />   


Nov 6, 2012 at 2:22 PM

Thanks for investigating and sharing!

I have one question.  You say that you rebuilt the source "as of today."  Are there mods in that source that are required to make VS2012 work, or would this also work with the downloadable version?

Jun 24, 2013 at 1:44 AM
Hello,this is fangxun
I have a question about:"Set the Physical Path Credentials to a TFS Trusted Windows",I do not know how to Set the Physical Path Credentials to a TFS Trusted Windows,could you tell me that?