Is there an SVNBridge Roadmap/Timeline anywhere?

Oct 4, 2008 at 1:46 PM
Hi SvnBridge Team,

Thanks for getting the server-side SVNBridge up and running.  It has made it way easier to check out random projects at the drop of a hat!

Is there a roadmap/timeline anywhere for SvnBridge feature development?  I ask because I am having problems working on a project (dasBlog) due to the partial branch support and also an issue that I documented here (with regards patching).  I think it is probably the same as this issue  Anyway, for me, at the moment, this makes CodePlex unusable via SvnBridge (as I need to work on a branch and apply patches).  This is not a complaint, I know this support will take time.  I just wondered if anyone has a rough timeline.  This will help me know if new projects go here (or on a native Subversion repos) and how to structure work on existing projects on CodePlex.

I have assumed that there is not much I can do to help code-wise, as I do not have TFS.  However, if there is something I can do let me know.

Thanks again for you work.

Ben Taylor
Oct 12, 2008 at 7:28 PM
Good question, I would also like to see what the time line is for this project. Especially since this now seems to be the prefered (at least over the CodePlexClient) versioning system to use. Looking forward to v3!