Request for SvnBridge project maintenance

Jun 4, 2012 at 8:39 PM

Dear SvnBridge project administration,


given current project state (last release Dec 2010, last commit Jan 2011, svn mv data corruption reported 1.5 years ago yet no fix or workaround, many existing patches and reports not handled etc.), I'd like to dearly ask for the following:

Could someone please take the time to take care of the more urgent project items in a suitable manner?

There are 4 different maintainers registered in this project, which should allow for some of these people to achieve the minimum of maintenance that this project needs.

Please take into account that nobody else is able to do anything, possibly due to the rather non-public configuration of the CodePlex platform (no tracker status modification, no commits, not even Wiki edits!).

In case maintenance remains too time consuming for existing admins, I would offer spending the time to get on board and become project maintainer to help out in certain cases.

I would need the following maintenance privileges AFAICS:
- commit access
- tracker maintainer
- wiki editor

The modus operandi that I would propose in case of maintenance done by me is:

having a small number of *small*, topic-specific patches posted for review during each period, then having them committed after 4 weeks each if they're still deemed sound.

Also, I'd update some tracker items to reflect their state.


Thank you for listening! (and please do take this request seriously)