SVN UPDATE on repo with a RENAME and DELETE on same file within change set difference causes a "Delete file X" request on file that didn't exist in workspace version


Checkout a rep to a working copy.

Rename obm_gen/sql_prg_hmb_pot_msrmnt.sqlmod to obm_gen/sql_prg_hmb_pot_msrmnt_outofdate.sqlmod

Check in

Delete obm_gen/sql_prg_hmb_pot_msrmnt_outofdate.sqlmod

Check in

SVN UPDATE the repo

SVN will report the file to be delete such as;

A obm_gen/sql_prg_pot_excptn_history.sqlmod
A obm_gen/prg_pot_excptn_history.c
D obm_gen/unp_cell_ccs_ghost_ae.c
D obm_gen/sql_smy_pot_msg_smmry.sqlmod
D obm_gen/smy_pot_msg_smmry.c
U obm_gen/obm_gen_lib.mk
D obm_gen/ins_pot_param_var_audit.sdml
D obm_gen/ins_pot_param_var_audit.c
D obm_gen/pac_generic_param_var.c
D obm_gen/sql_prg_hmb_pot_msrmnt_outofdate.sqlmod
U obm_gen/sql_prg_hmb_pot_msrmnt.sqlmod
D obm_gen/sql_prg_hmb_anode_outofdate.sqlmod
U obm_gen/sql_prg_hmb_anode.sqlmod
D obm_gen/unp_pot_msg.c
D obm_app/sla_trnsfr_log.c
U obm_app/obm_app_lib.mk
D obm_app/pac_generic_param_var_outofdate.c
U obm_app/pac_generic_param_var.c
U obm_app/unp_pot_msg.c

I've highlighted some examples from my work space.

Modify the UpdateDiffEngine.cs file to keep a list of all files requested by ProcessAddedOrUpdatedItem() to be added which are NOT in the target revision so that they can be removed from the reported list to ensure the client is NOT told to remove a file that never existed.

file attached.

This affect SvnKit for OpenVMS

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BadBiki wrote Jun 23, 2014 at 6:18 AM

I've tested this change on top of my previous issues... enojoy.