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Renaming of folders fails depending on folder name


When renaming a folder containing files, the commit fails depending on the old and new folder name. Here are the steps to reproduce:
  1. Check out test folder (empty)
    svn co http://localhost:8080/tfs/Eval/test/ .
  2. Create 2 folders each containing a file (note the folder names!)
    md folder1 folder4
    echo test > folder1\file1.txt
    echo test > folder4\file4.txt
  3. Commit
    svn add folder1 folder4
    svn commit -m Add
  4. Rename folder1 to folder2 and commit
    svn rename folder1 folder2
    svn commit -m Rename
  5. Rename folder4 to folder3 and commit
    svn rename folder4 folder3
    svn commit -m Rename
Up to step 4 everything works as expected, but the commit in step 5 fails: svn returns 0 as committed revision. The cause of failure is visible in the output messages given by svn. For the commit in step 4 these read as follows:
Deleting folder1
Adding folder2

Whereas in step 5 the output messages given by svn are:
Adding folder3
Deleting folder4

Here you can see that svn changes the sequence of commands its sending depending on the folder names. Internally, the SvnBridge stumbles across this and produces the wrong pending changes. For step 4 the pending changes are a single rename of folder1 to folder2. For step 5 two pending changes are created:
folder4 rename folder3
file4.txt branch folder3

The second pending change (branching file4.txt) is obviously wrong.

SvnBridge version: change set 35268
svn version: 1.6.3 (same with older version, 1.5.6)

Hope this info helps in solving this issue...