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Unit Testing Notes

The following test projects can be run without TFS:
  • TestsUnit
  • TestsProtocol

The following test projects need a TFS instance to run against:
  • TestsEndToEnd
  • TestsIntegration
  • TestsRequiringTfsClient
    • This project also require TFS to be installed on the test machine

The TFS instance can be configured using the the relevant app.config for each test project.

TFS Instance assumptions:
  • There is a project called SvnBridgeTesting in TFS
  • The test is running with a user identity that can commit, create and fix work items
  • The project template used is the one from CodePlex (stripped agile)
    • More precisely, we need the CodePlex.UpdatedBy field to exist on work items

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am42 May 2, 2012 at 1:45 PM 
I cannot figure out how these tests are supposed to be run (missing documentation).
At least as of 2012, there's a SvnBridge.msbuild file in solution root which defines all relevant targets. However, trying to run
msbuild SvnBridge.sln /t:ProtocolTest

(in a "Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010)" shell!!) errors out, thus I'll need some more time to try to figure out The Right Thing.