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Using Fiddler to Trace SvnBridge activities

We can use Fiddler to get a better understanding on what SvnBridge is doing. This is often essential for reproducing bugs and issues that are found in the field.

Capturing a trace

  • Click on the LAN Settings button and change your settings back to their normal values (remove the fiddler proxy)
  • The reason that we do that is that we want only the SVN requests to be captured by Fiddler
  • In Tortoise SVN context menu, go to the Settings entry
  • Go to the network node:
    • Enable proxy server
    • Set the server address to: localhost
    • Set the port to: 8888
  • This tells SVN to route all requests through Fiddler
  • Perform the test operation with Tortoise SVN against SvnBridge
  • Once the SVN operation has been completed, go to Fiddler, File > Save > Session(s) > in ArchiveZip
  • Save the file to disk

You can now upload the zip file, which will allow us to reproduce the steps that happened at your site.

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