svn copy fails w/ 401 unauthorized...

Apr 4, 2013 at 5:18 PM
We have a corporate SVNBridge server that we are using with the Jenkins CI server and Maven projects. When we do a Maven Release, one of the commands does an 'svn copy' to create the "tags" branch in TFS.

From a Windows Server running SlikSVN 1.6.9 it works. Running on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS or Ubuntu 12.10) running subversion 1.6.6, 1.6.12, 1.6.17 or 1.7.x, I get a HTTP/1.1 401 unauthorized.

When I took a capture using tcpdump and analyzed the trace, I am seeing this returned:
   Access to the path 'D:\Logs\SVNBridge\Error-1b1923a3-6b94-4e61-be16-5af0c0dc2465.log' is denied.
The sysadmins say they have the correct permissions on the Logs folder. What else can I look at?
Apr 5, 2013 at 8:15 PM
"When I took a capture using tcpdump and analyzed the trace, I am seeing this returned:"

No need to.

Simply set ( ~/.subversion/servers ):
neon-debug-mask = 511

and that will provide copious logging (when running Neon-based command-line subversion).

I'm not sure about the specific error message but if I'm not completely mistaken I once had the same error, and it was something slightly different but ending up with a "doh!".

You could revisit your SvnBridge .config files, possibly the problem is caused by an insufficiently correct entry there.

Of course most likely you get that error because SvnBridge had an implementation exception which it then tries to log and that then fails.

Or simply build a lava-fixed (you cannot even call it hotfixed...) SvnBridge version and quite likely watch that particular error issue causing a log file error issue to go poof (but that still won't save you from yet another log file error when having another error).

Or run desktop SvnBridge and do a debugger session on it to determine error causes.